18 March 2015

Virtual Reality Experience of 'PLUMB' - A Fulldome Film

I quick recording of 'PLUMB' playing in Virtual Reality. It's surprising how much the cross-fades really makes it look like a music video :)

5 March 2015

Screening & Flat-Screen Version

The film has been screened at the Birmingham Thinktank. I would like to thank Colin Hutcheson and Coral Manton for their help in managing the project from the Thinktank side. Full thanks can be seen in the credits.
Being the premier of the fulldome film this was my first opportunity to actually experience the visuals as they had been intended. The sense of motion create by moving image in the dome space simply does not translate to the flat screen. With that in mind, here's the flatscreen version shown at the Forge in London.

Which is a cropped version of the 4K fulldome version, I elected to use the screen space rather than fitting the square (circular) image within the bounds of the widescreen HDTV format.
I am currently in the process of exploring a method of showcasing the film in its original format. Virtual Reality being the front runner currently, given that I have access to an Oculus Rift (DK2).

12 February 2015

Fulldome Film - Rough Cut

A very rough cut to Kate's first draft. Taking a collage approach to visuals pre-created rather than animating directly to the music.

29 January 2015

Look Development - Plumbogummite

1:4 scale render of the 4K Fulldome images

Image Credit: http://www.minersoc.org/photo.php?id=44

14 November 2014

Full Dome Render Motion Test

I wanted to explore the speed of motion and camera movement in the dome. I nice processor friendly 512 resolution with quick G.I. and the like. For use in testing out the Oculus Rift's potential for viewing the Full Dome films.
I'm going to have to come to terms with the fact that I won't be able to share full quality renders.   

Here a nice looping GIF for you.

13 November 2014

First 4K Full Dome Render

Baby's First 4K Full Dome

I should mention that the content of the render is totally unrelated to the piece. Simply elements I had laying around.
Click for the 2K version since Blogger can't host 4K

180 Degree Dome Camera Render.

Since Blogger won't let me upload the 4K (exceeds the 100 MB limit) and has compressed all the joy out of the images I've uploaded, here's the .EXR hosted on Google Drive

12 November 2014

Fractal Journey

The relationship between the infinite and the infinitesimal.

I can see moving through those structures as working very well on a dome.
Moving in very close space out into the cavernous interiors.